Stories, Photographs and Work for a Year

Speaks for itself. Here I post some writing, purty pictures and tell you as much as I can about my year of work
Jeez! my best friend is being featured for this HCG weight loss supplement!!!! She dropped 32 pounds in a month! I am so jealous!!! Ugh im getting some of this stuff before spring break gets here. Click here to get some as well

Jeez! my best friend is being featured for this HCG weight loss supplement!!!!

She dropped 32 pounds in a month! I am so jealous!!!

Ugh im getting some of this stuff before spring break gets here.

Click here to get some as well

Not posted anything for a while due to being very busy moving into new house and getting drunk with new people. Muchos fun. Pictures perhaps. ^_^

My First Attempt at a Picture Story…

Decided to do some free writing to some pictures I found on Flickr today, mainly this morning, and have written up one of my ideas this evening. Here’s a link to the picture, which is not mine, but it is extremely beautiful!

And here is what I wrote! A short 600 word piece, nothing special. Just testing the water and getting back into writing properly. All comments and help much appreciated.

“Hey, that’s the road isn’t it?”

I looked up from the map to see the road we had been searching for roll into view. It was a beautiful little terraced lane; all of the houses appeared to meld into one, each one only individualised by the bright and colourful gardens at the front of each house.

“Yes! That’s it!”

“Ah… a flaw in our plan,” he pointed up to a sign that made my heart sink, “no parking.”

I sighed and put my head in my hands. We were never going to make it in time. The car had slowed to a crawl while Ed looked around the area for a place to park. He put a hand on my back and rubbed it in slow circles.

“Heyyy… chill out. We’ll be there in a matter of minutes. Just need to find a parking spot. There’s got to be one here somewhere…” he turned a corner and found a little cul de sac with plenty of spaces on the pavement. I looked up and turned to Ed, feeling relieved.

“Told you so.” He winked at me cheekily. I smiled back and hit him with the map.

Leaving the car, we turned back on ourselves to walk to the terraced road we had sought to find. The houses all looked well kept, the gardens immaculate and well decorated with a wide variety of interesting flowers and garden ornaments.

“Which one is it?”

“Emma said it’s the one with the green door.” I scanned the street, noticing a few green doors, all coloured different shades of green. “Next to the one with the yellow door. Oh, and with lavender, lots and lots of lavender.”

Ed grinned at me. He could tell I was getting quite excited. He reached for my hand and squeezed it tight. He ruffled my hair playfully and stopped me just outside the right house. He held my face between his hands and leaned in to kiss me softly on the lips. I smiled and began to giggle. Ed was never usually this romantic. He put his forehead on mine and mouthed “I love you” and stroked my cheek.

Despite being excited I was nervous too, I’d never been here before. I had no idea what to expect, no idea what was going to happen. Ed’s gesture had made me slightly more nervous too; he was never usually like this. I wondered if he knew something I didn’t, if he was holding back. My giggles disintegrated and I took Ed’s hand again. He looked away and let me lead him up the garden path towards the house.

Emma was right. There were lots of lavender, all planted along the right hand side of the path. It had grown so wild that the flowers extended their reach into the path, so much so that they stroked my bare legs as we walked up the path. Ed walked behind me, his arm reaching forward so that he could hold my hand. Our fingers were loosely interlocked, somewhere between barely touching and holding on for dear life.

The purple flowers waved in the small breeze, swaying back and forth with each other, almost appearing as one unit, like a dance chorus. I did not dare look down for fear that they would stop under the scrutiny of being watched. When we reached the door, I grasped Ed’s hand tighter than ever before. He squeezed back as I look the letterbox door knocker into my hand and pulled it back. It hit the door with a resounding thud which echoed in my head for the longest time.


Trawling Flickr and other photograph websites for inspiration. Seems like it’s going quite well … Hopefully can get some ideas up soon. Wish me luck…

New Beginnings…

Going to use this for thoughts and publishing some creative writings or short stories I come up with. Thought it might be nice to let people read what I write instead of harbouring it all on my laptop and hiding it away like a magpie hoarding secrets and shiny things. 

Soon I’ll be heading to a new city, a new place to start a new job with new people. Everything’s going to be totally weird for a few weeks I imagine and then it’ll settle in to being just like Uni felt; strange and daunting at first, almost terrifying, but then soon fun and I’ll feel a lot more relaxed about it. I will also be posting some thoughts about work, maybe for other people who are in a similar situation to read and ask about. 

I’m excited and scared at the same time. It’s going to be amazing and hard. There are a lot of "what if?" questions running through my head, but I’m sure all my fears will be quashed by the end of week one when I’m enjoying my first end of work week pint with all of the other placement students. :) 

Can’t wait.